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Contrary to popular belief, managing workforce should not be a burden. Simplified features designed to streamline and improve day to day business functions

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A New Standard in Workforce Management

Anywhere, Anytime SaaS .

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Our Software is cloud based so it can be access anywhere, anytime

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Reduced manual workload, efficiency and accuracy increase, improved productivity
Will give the power to use available resource and time for company growth.

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What is PAYLINK?


Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to streamline workforce operations.

Features include HR Management, Time & Attendance, Business Unit Management, Payroll and more, all accessible through PAYLINK Cloud Network.

This software is built to increase efficiency, ensure accuracy and improve productivity at a low cost.

Why Choose PAYLINK

PAYLINK is dedicated to meet and exceed the business needs of any size company, in various industries. Our end to end Integrated Solution provides the workforce intelligence needed to be strategic in managing labor costs, maximize profits, increase operational efficiency, ensure accuracy and improve productivity.

Human Resources Management

Whether your needs are to reduce the manual workload, empower your managers & employees through self service options or more effectively manage your human capital, PAYLINK suite of human resource services can help.

Business Unit Management

If you have a single location or multiple locations, our flexible business unit module offers the ability to customize department and job title information with salary and invoicing configuration tools . You can also virtually manage device connectivity.

Time and Attendance Managemet

The time and attendance module not only tracks hours worked in real time, it allows supervisors and managers to edit employee time cards. The software is so sophisticated that it indicates who made the change and the time the edit was made.

Payroll Processing

PAYLINK Payroll allows for quick & easy payments, tax rates, compensation and witholding management. Since this module is built within the platform it makes the paying process more cost efficient, transparent and lets you keep track of all payroll information when needed.


Have the power to generate, view, print and export reports as you need them, in PDF or CSV format. You can choose from our list of on-demand reports or we can customize it with your preferences. You will always have your quarterly and anual reports on hand.

Compliance Services

This services free your company from the time lost and costs associated with filing and paying all federal and state Agencies. Our services include preparation, filing and deposits based on your company needs.

How it works

Recruiting, employee schedule oversight, and payroll, all, in one easy, simple and user friendly, yet powerfull platform, PAYLINK.



Employee Clocks-in trough one of our 4 methods.



Manager or supervisors edit and aprove timesheet.



In charge personel generates and process payroll.

Multiple Time Collection Methods

We offer several time collection methods, based on your business needs


  1. High Image Quality fingerprint sensor
  2. One touch 1-second user recognition
  3. Built in Serial and ethernet port
  4. Integrated WiFi
  5. Multi-language support
  6. Stores 100 templates and 30,000 transactions

Multiple Time Collection Methods

We offer several time collection methods, based on your business needs


  1. Web based clock in mechanism
  2. Instant activation
  3. Android and IOS compatible
  4. Geographic localization(GEO Tag)
  5. Fast and easy real time clock in process

Multiple Time Collection Methods

We offer several time collection methods, based on your business needs

Desktop & IVR

  1. (Desktop)USB fingerprint sensor
  2. Compact size and rugged construction
  3. Excelent image quality and rotation invariant
  4. (IVR) Automated telephone system
  5. Provides pre-recorded voice to collect employee time attendance information






Payroll transactions


Gross payments

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Hundreds of end users, thousands of engaged employees, millions in payroll payments, all in one solution, Paylink.